01. Apples (eating)

Eating Apples ~ $36.00 Special

$Budded onto M793 (all soil types) grows to 3-5 mtrs & N/Spy (heavy clay) grows to 3-5 mtrs

Apples have been grown in New Zealand since Europeans first settled in the country. The missionary Samuel Marsden introduced the first apple and pear trees in 1819. The first export apples were sent from Christchurch to Chile in 1888, and exports to the UK began in the 1890s, although quantities were small. In 1966 it contributed about two-thirds of New Zealand’s apple exports. Since then, there has been considerable expansion in Hawke’s Bay. In 2008, over half the national export crop came from Hawke’s Bay and one-third from Nelson. The other main areas were Central Otago and Waikato. Source: John Palmer. 'Apples and pears - Pipfruit in New Zealand', Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, updated 13-Jul-12. URL: http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/apples-and-pears/page-1

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