04. Peaches

Peaches ~ $48.00 / $38.00 (seedling)

Budded onto Peach Rootstock. Suited to semi-windy positions. Avoid wet areas, grows to 3-4 m. All are self-fertile.

Peaches grown from seed have proven true to type. The robust character of seedling’s make them naturally disease resistant and hardy. Just like the one’s found on the side of the road.

None are native to New Zealand. Peaches originated in China, nectarines in central Asia, and apricots probably in China and central Asia. European colonists brought them to New Zealand. There is no record of who introduced stone fruit to New Zealand. Groves of wild peaches, known as ‘Māori peaches’, were found growing along several North Island rivers by the first European settlers. They may have been planted by the explorer James Cook and his crew, or by early 19th-century sealing or whaling gangs. The first peach orchard was planted about 1840. Source: http://www.teara.govt.nz

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