02. Apples (cider)

Cider Apples ~ $48.00

Back in the olden days, around the 1660’s, cider quickly became the national drink of Britain. It was reported as a particularly wholesome health giving drink & promoted longevity. In 1667, The Vicar of Dilwyn in Herefordshire reported that parishioners who lived to the ripe old age of 90 to 114 had drunk nothing but Cider. He claimed that a Morris dance had been performed by 10 people who had a combined age of more than 1000 years. The Cider Apple dates back to ancient times. These are a selection of the real traditional Cider Apples. The ones selected over the centuries and only grown for making Cider. Cider Apple varieties are categorized on the basis of their juice into – Bittersweets, Bittersharps, Sweets, & Sharps.

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